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Online Interactive Classes in Real-Time

Breathwork. Mindfulness. Meditation.

*exclusive to bioniq members.

Welcome to your personal gateway for a restful and productive state of mind. As a member of bioniq personnel enjoy your 30 days free online trial of breathwork, meditation and physical intelligence, with specialists from an exclusive private members’ meditation club in Soho, London.

How It Works​

• All classes are online in Real-Time through our platform

Interactive classes
• 2-way communication transmissions
• Feedback, corrections and orientation during the classes
• Class duration: 25, 50 and 70 minutes
• Workshop duration: 55 minutes

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Unlimited interactive real-time classes and workshops​

Our platform allows the teacher to correct and guide each user, as well as enabling the user to ask questions in real-time.

*exclusive to bioniq members.

Types of real-time classes

We work with group memberships, offering private class packages and coaching programmes. Over the past 60 years, we have designed and perfected a method that is composed of two elements:

Mindfulness Design Programmes

Group or private interactive workshops:

  • Stress Management & Well-being

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Intentional Life

  • Focus & Sustainable Performance

Workshop duration: 55 minutes

Practical Classes

These sessions are delivered through group or private classes. Each class contains a combination of some or all of the following: breathing techniques, physical intelligence and body movement, relaxation and visualisation exercises, as well as meditation/focus techniques.

Class duration: 25 and 50 minutes

An enjoyable, complete solution to mind and body well-being

Bring the community and excitement of our boutique meditation club into your home, in an immersive experience.

*exclusive to bioniq members.

Monique Garraud

Scientist and Entrepreneur

My father always told me that you are a sum of those you surround yourself with. Ever since I began training the method, my focus, discipline and energy has increased substantially this has allowed me to start my business with more ease and clarity. I thank him and the methodology for help me achieving one of the biggest goals of my life, I become an entrepreneur and I own a science company.

Nacho Martinez

Musician and To Home From London CEO

DeRose Method has significantly enhanced the way I live my life. The Method’s powerful mix of Concepts and Techniques plays a fundamental role in my journey to know myself better, live with more vitality and be more connected to the present moment.

The school in Soho translates perfectly what DeRose Method is all about. It is a very special community and certainly a little oasis in Central London. The instructors have an amazing vibe and the whole group is very united. You will certainly feel how special the school is the moment you step inside.

Mona Sahlabadi


They say good things come to those who wait. Well give it time and along with regular practise you’ll be amazed to see the profound internal change this method ignites in you. Then observe the impact it has on your life, from the quality of your personal relationships, to how you manage your thoughts and emotions, not to mention the obvious improvement in your health and fitness. I never expected such a holistic outcome and this is just the tip of the ice berg. It’s a journey well worth taking, if only you dare.

Jaime Alguersuari

Music Producer and Former F1 car driver

At the moment, training the method is a way of stopping time and space, slowing down the pace of my life and concentrate on the best tool I have to make things happen in my life, my mind and my body. Through the application of the method I can start controlling my outer and inner me and therefore developing a strong shell that makes me feel capable of achieving any goal in life.

Christian Szymczak

Race Car driver MX-5 Cup winner 2013

What the DeROSE Method brought me was more focus and the ability to be more critical, rather than emotional, about what was happening in the race car. It was great to sit at my cockpit after our work and see the results of emotional management. I feel that I owe part of my 2013 title to the DeROSE Method.



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